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Dated: 11/01/2019

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If you are like me you get busy at your desk and before you know it you have been sitting for hours. I have printed these exercises to post at my desk to remind me to move. Let me know if you are going to do these exercises at your desk or if you have some great exercises to share that would be awesome. Enjoy!

Exercises You Can Do at Work

We all know how important it is to exercise as often as possible, but sometimes we get bogged down with work and taking care of our busy lives. Here are five exercises you can do while at your desk or in your office.

  • Seated leg raises. Sit straight up in your chair and hold your stomach tight. Lift one leg straight out and hold for at least 10 seconds. Slowly lower that leg and repeat on the other one. Do three sets.

  • Chair or desk dips. Make sure the chair or desk is sturdy and won't slip away. With your back to the furniture, place your palms on the edge, and place your feet flat in front of you. Slowly lower your body so your waist is even with your knees, and then raise yourself back up. Do 10 to 20 of these.

  • Swiveling abs. Sit in your swivel office chair and brace your hands on the desk in front of you. Raise both legs and swivel back and forth, feeling your core muscles engage. Do 20 swivels on each side.

  • Wall push-ups. Stand in front of a wall and place both hands flat against it about shoulder-width apart. Push back and then forward. Do 20-30 of these.

  • Squats. Stand with your feet wide and your hands on your hips. Keep your back as straight as possible while you bend at the knees and then stand back up. Perform 20-30 of these.

Moving throughout the day and doing these simple exercises will help you stay healthy.

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