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Picking an Agent

The most common advice given to prospective customers looking to sell or buy a house is that they should look for a very experienced Real Estate Agent. Of course that does seem to make a lot of sense any time you are looking for professional help. But I wonder if it is always such good, or practical advice. Most of the really experienced Realtors I know are brokers who are usually very busy – hence their experience. That means that they might not be all that available to give you much attention, unless you are the high end property buyer or investor. Furthermore, the reality is that such successful experienced brokers will likely have less experienced agents working for them including some relatively inexperienced newer agents – or you would likely never be able to access their services.

On the other hand, a newer agent is likely to be quite accessible. They not only have the time to give the new customer personal attention, but they are often highly motivated to do everything they can satisfy that prospective client. When you call them any time, day or night or holidays, they will probably take your call or get back to you as soon as possible. Of course there may be at times questions they don’t immediately know the answer to, or may not know exactly where to find what the customer is looking for, but that is why they work under the supervision of an experienced broker, or even a team lead. And again, they are probably highly motivated to get the answer or find the kind of property being sought as fast as they can and get back to you as soon as possible. In reality the experience is more a matter of the collective effort of the team that is working for you. Another reality is that much of what any Realtor does is largely a matter of using the tools available to agents at all experience levels – such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and computer programs that facilitate what Realtors do today. Of course the agent should have training and be licensed to know all the legalities and correct procedures – but most of that comes before the experience is acquired.

Just sayin, accessibility, motivation, responsiveness may be just as important or valuable when it comes to finding an agent who will really work for you, as all that experience.

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