Open Houses and Property Tours Go Virtual Amidst Pandemic

Dated: February 16 2021

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This pandemic has changed things in our country and the whole world as well. However, amidst the pandemic, life must go on and we must slowly adapt to the new normal. In the field of real estate, the only way to adjust to these uncertain times is to allow technology to swoop in. It’s now referred to as going virtual. 


Many may not know this, but, the field of real estate has taken a hit in terms of profit due to the pandemic. People in the industry have made it a point to bounce back from this loss and turn it into a thriving industry despite the consequences. In order to keep up with the trying times, we at The Stephanie Woods Team have been vigilant and focused on the safety and security of all of our clients. This is why we have virtual open houses and virtual tours of our listings. This allows clients to remotely walk through the property as if they were inside the home itself. This type of technology has helped the industry maintain the accuracy of open houses and house tours. 


One big benefit of virtual tours is being able to see the homes though you were actually there. Clients will be able to see multiple levels and all the rooms and common areas within the home. This allows our clients to be viewing properties in more detail at the comfort of their own home. Despite the spike in COVID cases, we are able to successfully sell more properties with the help of virtual tours and virtual technology. Clients prefer this technology during these times because they can be more at ease and safe while still being able to meet their real estate needs. 

In order for the industry to survive during the pandemic real estate companies must be open to new technologies, new ideas, and a different approach to enforcing health and safety regulations. By adjusting to a different way, we are investing in the future and there is no doubt that sales will continue to rise. The Stephanie Woods Team Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate BloomTree Realty 928-237-4455

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