Prescott: A Retirees Dream

Dated: December 4 2020

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When you’ve been working all your life trying to keep up with the ever-changing world, you will reach the age when you just want to throw in the towel and finally settle down. When you ask average Americans from ages 65 and above when they started saving up for retirement funds, some will surely say they’ve been saving up for most of their lives. 


The golden years are a phase in one’s life that is momentous and note-worthy. With 30+ years of working, people start to get excited for what comes next. They look forward to achieving that retirement dream, where one gets to finally lavish their hard-earned money. 


The first step most retirees do when they decide to retire is to find a perfect retirement house to purchase or rent. Most prefer to choose their home out-of-state so they can meet new people, see new places, and just be more comfortable in their golden years. 


Prescott has been in the top 20 places in America to retire for quite some time now. This comes as no Surprise because Prescott is known to attract retirees seeking a quiet, laid back, and peaceful city that they can call home. 


There are many aspects as to whyPrescott has been included in that list year-after-year, and they are exactly what a retiree is looking for. One, the value of real estate in Prescott is deemed inexpensive which is why many people buy land or houses because the purchase price won’t break the bank. Second, Arizona is a very “tax-friendly” state which is why real-estate taxes are minimal. Third, there are a lot of outdoor activities that one can do in Prescott such as trekking, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and there are also lakes for fishing enthusiasts. Lastly, the weather in Prescott is not as warm as other Arizona cities such as Phoenix. It has mild summers and chilly winters as well. 

The best thing about moving to Prescott is getting to experience a whole new diverse scene. You will be welcomed by friendly people, great food, and an overall positive vibe that will make you wish you moved sooner. Come visit Prescott!

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