Prescott’s Annual Events are Halted due to COVID Spike

Dated: December 24 2020

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The city of Prescott has been recognized as one of the leading cities in America to host public city events especially during the Christmas season. This is why Prescott is known as the Christmas city of Arizona. The city sure knows how to throw a soiree. This is going to look a whole lot different this year as COVID cases in the city and the state spike. 

This came as no Surprise to many people since the continuance of public events could further harm the public’s safety in the long run. In line with this, the local government has halted all approved public events in Prescott for the next 90 days. Some events such as the Lighting of the city courthouse have been done virtually to not break years of a practiced tradition that most residents of Prescott, and tourists as well look forward to each year.  

According to Yavapai County’s Community Health Service website, the current statistics state that there are 55 new cases in the city of Prescott alone. Not to mention the sudden spike in Covid cases in the whole Yavapai county. 

Rest assured that when the COVID stay at home advisory has been lifted, and more people are administered with the new vaccine from Pfizer, the public events not only in Prescott as well as the whole country can begin once more. It will surely be the dawn of a new era once we are able to fully go back to normal. The Stephanie Woods Team Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate BloomTree Realty 928-237-4435

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