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Dated: April 30 2021

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Prescott, Arizona is on the A-list places to live in America right now. With gorgeous weather and accessibility, it is a highly regarded destination for people who want to relocate. Before relocating to Prescott, there are many things you should know about the town before deciding to move. Here are some things you should know about Prescott and why you should pack your bags and move here now:


  1. It is accessible. Prescott is located in the center of Arizona which is why it is so easy to drive to major cities such as Phoenix and Flagstaff to name a few. 

  2. The land elevation in Prescott is higher than most cities in Arizona which is why the weather is not too hot. If you’re just moving to Prescott, it may take some time for you to adjust to the elevation which causes moderate winds. This slight difference in elevation also causes Prescott to have mild snow during the winter, unlike most cities in AZ. Prescott is called the mile high city.

  3. Prescott is not a huge city. It’s not a metropolitan area which is why it will give you peace of mind and will keep you in a relaxed state. 

  4. Prescott is the home of great schools. If you’re looking to relocate with your family, you would need to consider moving to a great school district. Luckily, Prescott has some of the best schools in the country based on online reviews. Based on Zillow, Prescott schools are ranked a 10. This city is also a home to several colleges including an NAU extension, which means your kids would not have to move too far because college is so close to home. 

  5. The views never get old. When you move to Prescott, it is a given that you will be exposed to some the best mother nature has to offer. Prescott is the home to many lakes, forests, and national parks. You will never run out of things to do in this great town. 


There are many other great things to know about Prescott before you move. Be one of the many who made the bold and great choice to relocate. Let us help you make the right decision. We are local and assist you with referrals to reputable companies to assist in your move and settling in. Our agents service not only the Prescott area but all of Yavapai County, Arizona. Please feel free to check out our online Google reviews. The Stephanie Woods Team at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate BloomTree Realty 928-237-4455 Stephanie Woods is happy to have her team help with all of your real estate needs.  We can also locate and interview a qualified agent in another state to make sure you are getting the qualified agent you desire. Stephanie Woods has a large referral network she works with.

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