Snow Storm in Yavapai County Leaving Many Snowed In

Dated: January 29 2021

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Winters in Arizona have been moderate, they are always considered chilly but have never brought severe weather conditions. A typical winter in Yavapai county is cold but dry, borderline humid all throughout the season. So, it came as a shock to some when temperatures dropped to 27 degrees Fahrenheit and the forecast shows it will rise again to 47 degrees which is a sign for a sunny and bright weekend. 


The snowfall has been accompanied by rain showers leaving paved roads covered with snow and have become very slippery. The local authorities have made it their mission to clear the roads and add salt to the severely affected areas to avoid pile-ups and bad accidents. 


Due to the sudden change in weather conditions, schools in the county have been canceled and residents are advised to stay-at-home. The wind could gust to 33 mph which is adding to the chilly weather brought by the snow showers. For Friday, the forecast shows a 100 % chance of precipitation before 8 PM. Meteorologists expect at least an inch of snow to accumulate for today alone. 

The key to surviving a snowstorm is to plan ahead. All unnecessary appointments should be put on hold until the roads are cleared. It is never a good idea to be driving in uncleared roads full of snow and sleet. Stay hydrated, warm, and be safe. We would love to answer any questions you may have on our local HOA’s and assist in finding the right home for you.  Call The Stephanie Woods Team 928-237-4455 for more information.  Check out our current listings at

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