Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Dated: April 26 2021

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Why is Spring so important to homeowners? This is typically the season to organize, clean, and declutter your home. The weather is just right, not too hot nor too cold. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the grass has just recovered from the snow. This is the time when most homeowners do spring-cleaning with their families. 


Spring cleaning is a fun, and engaging activity that can be done with the entire family engaged. By doing this, everyone in your household can definitely pitch in by decluttering toys, books, and especially clothes. You’d be surprised how much stuff you really don’t need once you take the time to go through it all. 


Here are some tips to inspire you during your spring-cleaning: 

  • Do the most important rooms first. Usually, the most important rooms are the ones that most people see. These include the living room, kitchen, dining room, study, and of course the children's playroom. 

  • Clean each room individually, don’t clean simultaneously. By doing this, as a homeowner, you’ll be able to satisfy yourself in the idea that each room is spic and span. 

  • Disinfect most common surfaces. This is important with the situation COVID-19 has created. When cleaning kitchen products, some kitchen wares have laid so hidden in the cupboard that they no longer look appealing. Disinfect those cooking utensils before placing them back in the cupboard. 

  • Learn to let go. With spring-cleaning, you will realize how items remain unused. There are so many people who can benefit from your unused stuff, just learn to let go. You can donate used/unused clothes to the salvation army and Goodwill, cooking ware, toys, shoes, and furniture. 

  • Don’t repeat past habits. After spring-cleaning, make sure that you have an easier, more efficient way to not return to collecting clutter. 


Spring is the busiest time of year for real estate companies. Most homeowners who have done spring-cleaning often realize that they need a change of space as well. This is where we come in to help make homeowners’ lives easier. The Stephanie Woods Team is here to help you get your home ready for sale with new ideas and experience behind them.

Let us help you make your life much easier. Our agents service not only the Prescott area but all of Yavapai County, Arizona. Please feel free to check out our online Google reviews. The Stephanie Woods Team at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate BloomTree Realty 928-237-4455 prescottazhomefinder.com. Stephanie Woods is happy to have her team help with all of your real estate needs.  We can also locate and interview a qualified agent in another state to make sure you are getting the qualified agent you desire. Stephanie Woods has a large referral network she works with.

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